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Banc Certified Corporate Information

Mission Statement

Banc Certified Merchant Services is dedicated to creating the most effective and cost-efficient " Cash Acceleration" solutions while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Banc Certified Merchant Services (BCMS) is a premier supplier of high tech merchant transaction processing services. Our ongoing and unprecedented growth in the industry is due to our focus on the unique needs and solutions for each and every client. BCMS has pioneered a standard of excellence in the transaction processing industry for the 21st century businesses by merging tomorrow's technology with superior service. This indisputable combination guarantees long term success in all businesses and industries.

By partnering with two of the top transaction processors in the country, BCMS is able to provide unmatched services for all sizes of business. The ability to quickly address the unique demands relative to all situations, BCMS can customize services necessary for all types of businesses.

With BCMS, businesses can immediately collect customer payments through real time authorization. Customers have the ability to complete the transfer of funds regardless of the business or location. We provide transaction processing solutions for companies of all sizes, from small retail businesses to large nationwide outlets, offering programs uniquely tailored for each and every client.

In Association with Bank of America of KY, and US Bank of Montgomery, AL.

In Association with NPC, The following are current clients



Banc Certified Merchant Services
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