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Banc Certified Company News

Moving in a positive direction, Banc Certified is consistently working hard to provide the best merchant services in the industry. In conjunction with the three largest credit card processors, Banc Certified has the best operational efficiency. Through this efficiency, Banc Certified is able to offer our services at unbeatable prices.

The Future holds a lot of positives for Banc Certified and our agents. Within the next year the company is going to have tremendous growth offering more products and services at the lowest rates. Our agents will receive the best training and support from our home office in Hilliard, Ohio. Furthermore, our alliances with the three largest credit card processors provides our customers with the best customer service in the industry. More products, great services, customer support and the lowest prices will put our agents above all competition.

Through Banc Certified's efforts, our agents are given a tremendous opportunity to sell a service and consult the consumer. Banc Certified's expert training and support will teach agents our business. The opportunity for success through professional training is unlimited. Agents can have high earning potential, as it is described in the income opportunity section of our Banc Certified Agent site. Through efforts of our agent team, and the Banc Certified home office, we will provide the best products and services for the customer for years to come.


Banc Certified Merchant Services
3962 Brown Park Drive, Hilliard, OHIO 43026

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