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Banc Certified's Revenue Sources


Your portfolio of clients will generate ongoing residual income from all of their “Electronic Payment Processing”. Your agency will profit from the financial inflow and outflow of money in to your clients business account… The “Cash Flow”!

Our Services Don’t Cost the Client Money…. Our Services Makes Them Money!

Accelerate the Cash Flow of Your Business Customers, as well as your Portfolio!

Your Ongoing Passive Residual Income stream will come from these sources and more…

Browser Based Payment Solutions:
E-Commerce and Retail Solutions. Shopping Carts / Payment Gateways / Virtual Terminals, etc.

Online Banking:
Online Payments for Money In and Out of Merchant's Account thru the Banking System. Direct Debits to / from specified accounts.

Merchant Accounts: Every Credit / Debit Card Processed.
Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover / etc.

Electronic Invoicing Capabilities:
Earn residuals with every invoice processed.

E-Marketing Campaigns:
Help your customers with the need to market their business.

Gift and Loyalty Card Program:
Most Cost Effective Program Available... It’s Free!

Online Check Conversion Programs:
With Optional Verification and Early Warning.

Cash Advance Programs:
Provide cash infusion to owners for future credit card sales.

Your Income Stream from this Dynamic Financial Industry is Truly Unlimited.

Your passive residual income will constantly be growing. It will also improve as the rapidly evolving State of the Art "Cashless Transactions" industry continues to mature.

This is a Massive Pie… Be Sure to Get Your Share!


Banc Certified Merchant Services
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