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Banc Certified Agent Support

The Golden Opportunity

Revolutionary products, competitive rates, customized programs, and responsive service, we know what it takes to keep you one step ahead of the competition. That is why Banc Certified Merchant Services, the leading payment solution provider, is constantly pushing to work even harder for you. Agent Services has what it takes to help our agents grow.

Banc Certified Merchant Service’s Agent program was developed by industry professionals with an in-depth understanding of the needs of our Agents. Whether you are a single agent focused on a specific territory or market niche or you represent an established Agent with both regional and national presence, Banc Certified can customize a program th
at positively impacts your bottom line.

Banc Certified Merchant Services
' customized Agent programs and pricing allows you to select and pay for only the services that benefit your program’s focus. This allows you to react quickly to marketplace opportunities and capitalize on your selling strengths. With Banc Certified Merchant Services, you can rest assured that back office support is always available – fast, accurate and secure.

Banc Certified Merchant Service’s Advantage:
  • Competitive rates to maximize your income
  • Revenue enhancements
  • Faxed applications
  • Online application tracking system access
  • Declined merchant referral program
  • Multiple front-end access to support a variety of merchants and terminals
  • Prompt residual payments

Customer Service

In addition to Banc Certified Merchant Services strength and stability and its innovative suite of products, the Agent program provides dedicated and responsive customer service and support. The highly trained managers, administrative staff and technical personnel are there to answer any questions you might have and to assist you with all your electronic payment processing needs. Banc Certified Merchant Services offers toll-free access to a help desk, staffed by well trained, in-house personnel, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Merchant processing is not just a category for Banc Certified Merchant Services. It is our core business. We are dedicated to providing back-office support to allow you to focus on selling – without compromising on the level of merchant support you prefer.


Banc Certified Merchant Services
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